Nikki Bodie
Airline & USAF Air Mobility Pilot

After attaining her Master of Business Administration in Aviation Management and her flight ratings, Nikki gained experience as an aerial survey pilot where she managed the planning, execution, and logistics of multiple aircraft operating low altitude mapping operations throughout the United States. As she took the next step in her aviation career, her leadership, professionalism, and technical ability allowed her to be selected as an airline pilot. 

Feeling compelled to serve her country and give back in a meaningful way, Nikki joined the U.S. Air Force Reserve and in addition to her airline position, is an Air Mobility Pilot operating air refueling missions throughout the world. Passionate about giving back and inspiring others, Nikki has intertwined community outreach and mentorship throughout her career by volunteering with organizations such as Wings of Hope, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Women in Aviation, International (WAI). 

Nikki aims to honor the pioneers in aviation that paved the way for her to pursue her dreams by keeping their legacies alive through story telling of various means and modalities. She also recognizes the need to reach a hand back and help the next generations of aspiring aviators and aerospace professionals through mentorship, scholarship, and networking. 

What Hangar Fly means to Nikki:

Nikki is a natural born storyteller who has never met a stranger and anyone who knows her, knows she's a talker. Every item in Nikki's home has a story and she can spend hours regaling her guests with the tales. Being very sentimental, she prefers jewelry and clothing with meaning and history. Whether it's wearing an antique ring from the 20's and wondering aloud about the previous owners or supporting her friends' brands and championing their items to anyone who asks, Nikki is a storyteller and promoter of others. 

In 2020, needing a creative outlet while the world paused, Nikki received her first laser engraver/CNC machine for her birthday and started creating. Quickly, her passion and expertise grew through trial and error and the idea of starting a small business began to grow wings. After much encouragement from friends and family, Nikki decided to venture outside of her comfort zone and go for it! 

After brainstorming for the perfect name, it came to her during a squadron Hangar Fly where the pilots and boom operators in her squadron gathered to share stories, laughter, and drinks. Once it had a name, the logo designs and story came to life. To Nikki, Hangar Fly isn't just a side business - it is a lifestyle, stress release, and way to connect with others in meaningful ways. 

Tell Me Your Story

Contact me, tell me about your unique story, promotion, or important moment in life and let's bring it to life as a beautiful engraved item or piece of art. I am a one-person shop, but I aim to create wonderful customer experiences and to respond expeditiously.